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for the Love of the Land


for the Love of the Land is a cook book to celebrate British farming in all its hardship and glory.

For many families, working the land and raising livestock is a true labour of love, and what they produce is the backbone of the country’s food and drink.

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The dishes in this book make the most of local and seasonal ingredients, creating delicious meals, puddings and bakes that anyone can cook up at home. Alongside that, members of these farming families have told the stories of their livelihoods: from losing sheep in snowstorms to stoking enthusiasm in the next generation, their honesty and passion is an inspiration and an education.

Recipes include Blackbrook Beef Bolognese from a traditional lowland farm in Leicestershire, Reestit Mutton Soup by two sisters who run their family farm on Shetland and pheasant and asparagus bake from a family run game shoot in Cambridgeshire, as well as Kentish Lavender Shortbread from Castle Farm and a cocktail featuring fresh edible flowers from Greens of Devon.

As the landscape of British farming changes, we need to support high-quality food production and understand how farmers can work in harmony with nature to make our eating habits more sustainable. Whether you’re country born and bred or have never donned a pair of wellies, discover the food and stories in this book to help to put British farming back on the map and at the centre of your table.

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